Karšto Pardavimo Moterims Gryno Kašmyro Megztinis (Puloveris Rudenį, Žiemą Ilgai Sleeeve Pagrindinių Moterų Minkštas Marškinėliai 7Colors S-XXL Džemperiai

Prieinamumas: Yra sandėlyje

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€65.65 €32.82

Amžius Amžius 18-35 MetųModelio Tipas KietasDrabužių Ilgis ReguliariaiUždaryti Tipas NĖRAKilmės KN(Kilmės)Medžiaga KašmyrasRankovės Stilius ReguliariaiElemento Tipas PuloveriaiSezonas ŽiemosMedžiagos Sudėtis KašmyrasStilius AtsitiktinisTechnics Kompiuterio MegztiApykaklės GolfoApdaila NĖRARankovės Ilgis(cm) PilnasLytis MOTERISStoris STANDARTASPrekės Pavadinimas NoEnName_NullModelio Numeris 1901-160rongchuang

Žymos: mados megztinis, kinų suknelė marškinėliai, plaukuota seksuali moteris, pulover megztinis moteriška, megztinis šiltas vilnos, traukti moteris, 100 akrilas megztinis, rankų darbo megztinis, megztinis, marškinėliai moterims.

Natalya Shmatkova 2020-11-14

Super beautiful and super soft. I am very satisfied. Thank you

Kowanmixa 2020-11-23

The seller very quickly sent the goods, literally on the day of the order. For a month the sweater flew to Minsk. The sweater is thin, even slightly translucent, but warm. A little prick. I ordered 2 sizes more on reviews for other seller goods, but it was possible and smaller to order, L per m. No foreign smells. The sleeve is full-size. By the photo of the seller thought that the sweater will be a little fluffy, but in general the goods are normal, the material is similar to natural, to the touch softer than my Benetton merino sweater

Aleksermakov1988spartak 2020-11-25

It's not real cashmere.

Pwomack13 2020-12-22

The sweater is supplier as pure cashmere. Ha-ha. It's not even close to cashmere, there is hardly any wool in it at all. Pure synthetic .. And of course no lebels with composition details. Such a rip off. Very supplier, might open a dispute. Sweater and close to cashmere was not lying, I doubt there is any wool. To the touch pure synthetics and for such money. I do not recommend it, I'll probably open a dispute.

Kkkovalisk 2020-11-30

Terrific with different color or buy

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